About us

Welcome to our website.

We are Edwin and Anne Marie van Doorn and we live with our ridgebacks in Schiedam at the border of the beautiful grasslands "Midden Delfland" in the province of South-Holland, the Netherlands.

When Yaro, the father and grand father of our ridgebacks, came into our life in 2012 we decided to enter a dog show.

This proved to be a great success and so it has grown into a hobby.

Yaro was International Champion and Multi Champion.

Unfortunately we had to let go of Yaro on 09/11/2018 after he was diagnosed with an evil tumor on his spleen.

In 2016 we decided to keep a puppy from Yaro's nest with Izzy and that is how Xavi came into our life.

Xavi is a beautiful and wild little guy with a great personality.

From the start he also enthusiastically participated in dog shows and being eleven months old he gained his title Dutch Youth Champion.

At this moment Xavi also is holding several Championship titles like International, French, German, Luxembourg, Dutch and Belgium Champion.

As of December 2019 we have taken Noxx into our family, he is the son of Xavi and therefore we have now the 3rd generation in our family.

Showing is only a part of our life, besides that we make wonderful walks daily, either  in the grasslands or on the beach.
We also participate in the coursing organized several times a year at different places in the Netherlands organized by the RRCN. (www.rrcn.nl)

We have raised our dogs to be very social companions who will join us everywhere we go.


We hope you will enjoy reading.


Edwin and Anne Marie van Doorn